Raising Money by Night Golfing

Common entertainment activities are made even more enjoyable when they are done a little differently. The smallest change can make something seem entirely fresh and new. That is the point of the exciting new activity of night golfing. It takes the basic game of golf and turns it into an entirely new challenge. Miniature and traditional golf courses can be quickly transformed with the addition of some LED lights and glow in the dark equipment.

Glow golf is an activity that is guaranteed to draw attention. Offering this type of weekly event is the perfect way to boost crowd sizes on otherwise slow nights of the week. Of course, golfing after dark is not just a business booster but a great fundraiser as well. This type of event can draw in regular clientele and additional community members to charity evenings at a golf course. Raise money for any cause with this fun activity. The nighttime course can be set up to be as elaborate or as simple as the organizers prefer and the equipment to make it work is relatively inexpensive and easy to obtain.

  • Both light up LED balls and glow golf balls are available for use.
  • LED marker sticks can be used to light up each hole or the flags at the holes.
  • Draw out the boundaries of sand traps and other hazards with strips of LED marker lights.
  • Glow in the dark sticks, bracelets or necklaces can be carried by participants to identify their locations.
  • Glow tees, LED strips for brightening golf carts and much more is possible with a little creative thought.

Players can activate the glow in the dark effect of each feature by shining a light at the items from either a flashlight or smartphone. Staff members could also perform this task if the event organizers would prefer to not make this the responsibility of the people playing the sport. The amount, colors and types of lighting used are easy to adapt to match the needs of each course or the preference of the organizer. Regardless of how it is done, it is guaranteed to be a fun and unique opportunity for everyone involved.