Idea Bill Payment – App or Browser

This is an interesting question that seems to be replacing all other queries as the mobile App market grows incessantly. Whether to use an App on the mobile or the browser on a personal computer, laptop or smart phone, especially when conducting transactions related to payments that could include paying for a purchase online, a bank transfer, paying for utility bills or recharging mobile and DTH connections? For example, you are a subscriber of Idea Cellular Network. When you wish to have your Idea bill payment done, should you use the Idea App or Apps of trusted third party resellers like Paytm, MobiKwik or PhonePe? Or should one use the browser instead?

As we all are aware, any kind of online activity that is remotely related to finance and banking can become probable soft targets for online hackers and other malicious activities. Is then, using relevant Apps the possible safer solution? The answer to this question lies in the fact which is determined basis few essential factors – what is the device that is being used, how reliable is the source from where the App has been downloaded, how strong is the banking software and the browsers, what other Apps and programs have been loaded and are running on the device and the type of communication network that is being used to perform the activity.

Two basic facts about online Idea bill payment or any other recharge and payment are – one is if the network that is being used is secure like a home Wi-Fi network or a mobile data network; the second is if you are using a public system or a private computer or laptop to perform the task. If you are someone that takes enough precautionary steps to ensure that you use only your private network and personal computer or laptop during online transactions, you are in safe hands. Else if you are someone who doesn’t want to bother too much about caution, then it is safest for you to use the Apps for online recharges and payments.

The truth is that Apps are generally downloaded from secure online stores and their software is appraised critically before being available for download. The same however is not true for computer programs and software. When you open the browser on your PC or laptop, unknowingly you click on certain programs that could have big question marks on the reliability of the source of these programs until and unless you have some very strong and effective anti-virus software that disarms them. Hence browsers, whether run on PC, laptop, tabs or smart phones always have the risk of being phished or attacked at loopholes and soft points.

Choosing the right device and the correct medium to get your Idea bill payment. Being careful does not hurt – yes, it might take a bit longer time but is surely worth the time and patience. People who trust Apps too much should also be cautious because often banking and other financial Apps have security flaws too.