How Consumption of Beer Helps in Improving Health?

Do you drink beer? No! Good boy! You will not at all participate in the group of alcoholic drinkers. Are you aware of the fact that there is a positive side of each and every item? Similarly, consumption of beer will astound you with numerous health benefits. As per recent research conducted, there are ample medical and health benefits in association with beer.

Natural Ingredients of Beer

As a part of general knowledge, beer comprises of 95% water along with anti-oxidants that include flavanoids and other natural ingredients. They replenish the entire body in a positive manner. It is brewed with the help of a variety of plants that include:

  • Barley
  • Oats
  • Rye and many more.

Remarkable Health Benefits of Beer

Beer is no doubt one of the oldest cultures. At present, it is enjoyed by many people all around the world. Its natural fermentation along has kept everyone glued. Some of the highly remarkable health benefits of beer include the following:

  • High reduction of heart ailment – Drinking two glasses of beer in a day lowers the risk of stroke and heart disease to a high extent. Brewing a glass of beer will also contribute in prevention of blood clotting thus reducing life risk. Natural ingredients of beer include abundant amount of vitamins, iron, calcium, potassium and many others to nourish the body.
  • Prevention of kidney ailments – Do you know that flavonoids are one of the natural anti-oxidants in beer? It prevents the formation of kidney stones thus letting the person to relax and enjoy peaceful sleep. It also helps in reduction of blood pressure to a high extent. Moderate consumption of beer will not at all harm you at any cost. Instead, it will assist you in an immense manner.
  • Easy prevention from cancer – Humulones and lupulones are two basic components of beer that help a lot in prevention from cancer. Hence, it is easy to prevent recurrence of cancer.
  • Essential for healthy bones – Being rich in calcium and silicon, beer ensures healthy bones. Both are highly active minerals that synthesize the entire body towards enhancing the overall density of the bone. Adults unable to consume milk or any other dairy products may easily opt for a glass of beer. It will serve as a great substitute to calcium and silicon.
  • Easy dilation of vessels of blood – Alcohol in the beer helps a lot in promoting easy dilation of blood vessels. As one starts growing old, blood vessels start contracting. It finally results in high rate of blood pressure thus enhancing the risk of heart issues. Moderate consumption of beer contributes a lot in stimulating blood vessel thus reducing the risk of blood pressure.
  • Enhancing the overall luster of teeth – Seems surprising, isn’t it? Beers comprise of certain ingredients that contribute a lot in enhancing the overall shine of teeth. Thus you can easily smile in an open manner finally creating an everlasting impression.
  • A good source of vitamin – Beer is full of high content of grain that ensures abundant supply of vitamin in the entire body. A body deficient of proper vitamin content is definitely prone to several illnesses. It is better to avoid unnecessary risks by simply consuming a glass of high quality beer.

These benefits were all about internal benefits of the body from beer.

Highly Remarkable Beauty Benefits of Beer

Now, it is time to get an insight to some of the highly remarkable beauty benefits of beer. The presence of pantothenic acid and vitamins ensures the following surprising benefits:

  • Easy rehydration of the skin
  • Preventing formation of acne-causing bacteria
  • Slow down the production of sebum
  • Helps in keeping the skin smooth and supple
  • Easy maintaining of pH level of the skin

After attaining 40, people start getting wrinkles on their skins. Everybody prefers enjoying a youthful appearance. Hops, a vital component of beer helps a lot in slowing down the effects of early aging on skin. Application of beer on the skin must be done under expert surveillance. Too much application of beer will have a worst effect rather than doing good!

You can easily prepare masks with the help of beer by mixing fruits like strawberry, lemon, honey, almond, olive oil and many more. Beers ensure internal as well as external beauty. Too much consumption of beer must be avoided! Better to go with moderate amount of consumption.