GEOGRID is similar to a sheet that can be used to increase the strength of a small soil framework. When combined with a certain size gravel pavement, the geogrid interlocks with the rocks, so it can sprinkle the stresses rather than the above loads with increasingly large areas and can reduce the thickness of the pavement, when paired by not using geogrid. To find out more information about GEOGRID, you can see it through

GEOGRID can be applied:

  1. On the road, geogrid can be applied to soft soil in the first pavement rupture certain benchmarks, as well as if the ground is a soft-clayed base to be more beautiful when combined with geotextile under geogrid. Installing a geogrid using the new resolution of the above division makes the geogrid work more effectively in spreading the voltage so that the base zone is able to withstand more bloated loads. Generally geogrid applied to this road such as Polypropylene Biaxial Geogrid.
  2. In the case of avalanche protection (slope protection), can be used in such a way geogrid formed layer-by-row (layer by layer) and use of materials and compaction of Uruk good good, pointing to the geogrid layers could cut sliding sequence, so the cliff / slope Ready to be more stable equivalent to the design I want. When the avalanche protection is generally used geogrid is Polyester Uniaxial Geogrid.
  3. Geogrid may be imposed on stock pile, where the geogrid operates to expand the voltage spread, therefore the underlying ground can withstand the planned load. Generally the geogrid used on this path is Polypropylene Biaxial Geogrid.
  4. At the bridge abutment, geogrid is generally combined with key stone material so it is ready to hold the vehicle load and get a steady cut so efficient to the cubicle. Generally the geogrid used in this construction is Polyester Unixial Geogrid.

Geogrid Biaxial is a type of geogrid used as a stabilization material or retrofitting on a patient soil base, such as in forested, muddy & peat forest areas. Biaxial geogrid work path is interlocking (locking aggregate) so the layers of pile that is on it increasingly stiff then baggage distribution becomes more evenly. The function of the biaxial geogrid is as a basic soil stabilization material and prevents the occurrence of differential settlement so that reducing maintenance costs. This geogrid can also reduce the base or sub base base by up to 60% thus saving the wage of the plan.

Uniaxial geogrid is used in soil retaining applications, zone retaining fences, slope stabilization and piles over soft zones. Uniaxial geogrid is capable of reinforcing slope reinforcement composition so as to build taller and more balanced over limited areas.

Geogrid relies on high attractiveness and creepy creepiness, for the occurrence of geogrid avalanche is placed as a layer of soil, dumped and compacted by strands for a row so as to maintain and stabilize the zones by distributing them to satisfactory drag.

Geogrid is shaped like a net which can convey a reinforcement slope reinforcement system therefore can compose a more slender and more upright in a pegged area.