Six Steps to Planning a Successful Building Project

Here is a look at six crucial steps that, if followed, can help you plan out a successful building renovation, and reasons why they are important to any project.

1. Work with a Professional Designer

To come up with a detailed plan and scope of work, a majority of homeowners will hire either an interior designer or architect or at times, both. Each service provider does things differently from the other, and design licensing will vary by area. Most designers will work on projects that do not involve major structural additions or work and offer assistance when it comes to colour and material selections. Architects, on the other hand, offer far more solutions – they can work on permits, creating floor plans, providing design advice and such, or they could just work on the floor plans and leave the kitchen, baths and electrical plans to another designer.

When searching for a design professional, start by meeting the designer in-person – this could take a couple of weeks depending on the number of companies you’re interviewing. Take that opportunity to understand the services and solutions each designing firm offers and ensure that they match up with that which you expect. It is also vital that you come up with a budget for the project and that you communicate this to the firm you are considering, such as the Fourwalls Group, so that your design aligns with what you’re planning to invest.

2. Create the Schematics

Come up with something known as a schematic design. These designs or plans usually provide a rough layout of your project’s floor plan and simple views of the project’s exterior if there are any additions. It will take time for a design professional to work the design out, which is then followed by a week … Read More ...

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